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We have a powerful dashboard that brings your data to life. It’s customizable, displaying the information you find most valuable in a single screen. Each member of your compliance team can have their own unique dashboard to meet their personal requirements.

Speed and Scalability

Our system is built with several innovative engines. This allows the system to both process screening at the same rate as our customers process transactions and to scale to the needs of any size company.

Innovative Reporting

Viewing the data within our system is a breeze with our informative reporting system. At the push of a button you can produce a customized report for a regulator or for your internal purposes.

Easy Onboarding

Not only is our system intuitive and easy to use, but our highly trained support team will assist you every step of the way from uploading your data to training your team.

Our goal

FATCA Software Compliance.

After a basic training session, you'll be able to upload your data and start remediating the results in no time at all.

Built for any skilled user

eSpear was built to be intuitive. Anyone is easily able to use the system.

Easy, hassle-free integration

We understand that starting a new software feels like a daunting task, but we feel we have made it a simple process and we will help you through it.

SpearFATCA Features.

eSpear gives you everything you need in a single FATCA compliance software. Free updates keep you equipped with the latest features we have to offer.

  • Upload a large amount of customer records.
  • FATCA compliance rules engine.
  • Case Management with auto-case creation.
  • Workflow that allows you to assign to analysts.
  • Feature-rich dashboard, helps monitor remediaton process.
  • Stunning Reports, both powerful and flexible.
  • Centralized indicia document repository.
  • Converts to XML format for submission to US Treasury Department.
  • Intuitive remediation with automated risk flags.
  • Speed –works as fast a you work.
  • Complete security and data privacy –two things we don’t take lightly.
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Servers Located Throughout The World

Choose the jurisdiction (almost anywhere in the world) you want your data and that's it, we'll do the rest. You can even install SpearFACTA behind your firewall.