About Us

Making Risk Compliance compliance easy

We started with a simple idea—that everyone should be able to be compliant—and we've been innovating ever since.

For compliance departments, we’ve created an application to screen your entire customer list with a intuitive, sleek and modern design that allows for an easy to use system. We’re making it faster and easier to make your business compliant.

Risk Management Solution sounds like a daunting task but we've made the process simple—and it should be. We’re working hard to make Risk Management Solution easy for everyone.

Companies of all types and sizes are compliant with eSpear.

Our Platform

We develop compliance solutions based on commercially supported, enterprise-ready software. Our software uses the latest technology that is widely-acknowledged as the best foundation for tackling the most challenging big data problems.

Our flagship offering, SpearWatch & SpearFATCA, built on the latest framework, provides the massive scalability, continuous availability and enhanced data security today’s sophisticated big data applications demand. It’s faster to deploy, easier to run and less expensive to operate than traditional systems. Better still, it allows you to get more value from your data in less time because it’s the only platform that enables you to perform high-speed uploads and quick results.