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Meet Business Objectives.

Satisfy the demands of your compliance and due diligence requirements with eSpear products, the only compliance and due diligence products with:

  • High-speed transaction processing (screens transactions as fast as you process them).
  • False positives reduced to 0.5% on initial screening and 0.05% on rescreening.
  • Intuitive workflow.
  • Ability to screen any data source (commercial, public or private).
  • Easy integration into existing systems (workflow, CRM, shopping carts, SWIFT messaging, trading platforms, etc).
  • Built-in, customizable dashboards and reporting engines.
  • Audit logs, including audit reports for how the screening engine identified a match.
  • Security built into system architecture and design.
  • Highly trained compliance professionals supporting you and our products.
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Complimentary training & guidance

Schedule your complimentary training with one of our experts and receive user guidance and data export templates to use and reference at any time.

Quick access

Tell us who your users are and you’re all set to conduct screening and remediate results.

Flexible support & connection

Choose to upload your data directly or integrate your system’s data feed into ours.

Effortless workflow & efficient remediation

Screen initial data

Instantly view all vital, high-level data at a glance.

Track your progress

Easily assign records and gauge progress on remediation activities.

Enhance your experience

Our intuitive dashboard provides a unique experience for its users.

Sleek, simple design

360 view

Once your data is uploaded, our system automatically begins screening each record, allowing you to then remediate results, ensuring that your existing third party data is in compliance.

Search, click & remediate

It’s that easy — just search, click and remediate. Each user is equipped with an individual queue to search and remediate records.

Assignment assistance

Our case-management function provides consistency and transparency by auto-distributing cases to users during the import process.

Safe, Secure and Fast

Your data is secure

Our servers use the latest technology to ensure your data is secure and there when you need it.

Did you say fast?

Do what you want, when you want. Few systems are able to match the volume of data our system can handle.

Latest & greatest

Here at eSpear we only use the latest technology, which allows us to give each customer and their users the best experience.

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