Scan Government IDs and Seamlessly Extract Data to ID Customers

Making Customer Identification Easy

Integrates SpearScan or SpearWatch into leading identification scanning technologies to verify the authenticity of the scanned document and to populate the screening fields.

Works on over 6,000 government issued documents from around the world, including passports and driver’s licenses.

Works on iPhones, Android based phones and most scanners.

Our App

Scanning Government Issued ID

With our app, you or your customer can scan any government issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) and SpearID will verify that the scan is in fact a scan of a government issued ID and not a photocopy.


SpearID will then populate the screening field in either SpearWatch or SpearScan and run a full check against the person’s ID.

Fast and Saves Time

Within seconds, you’ll know if the person is a known politically exposed person, money-launder, terrorist, fraudster, sex offender, criminal, etc.