Revolutionary Technology Built to Protect Your Online Business

Lightning Fast

Economically scales to handle both a small one-person boutique shop to the biggest eCommerce sites on Cyber-Monday.


Most accurate screening engine in the industry. Highest recall (no false negatives) and precision (fewest false positives). Reduce false positives to 0.5% on initial screening and 0.05% on rescreening.

Simple Implementation

Integrates directly into online shopping carts and online trading, gaming and banking platforms.


User interface available in almost any language. Screening engine supports over 70 languages and character sets, including Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Hebrew, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Sanskrit and Spanish.

Our goal

AML/BSA/FCPA Compliance

Supports compliance for Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer laws and regulations, the Bank Secrecy Act, US Patriot Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Built To Be Audited

Built-in customizable reporting tool for regulatory audits.

With the push of a button a report can be generated explaining how our screening engine made a specific match.

Third-party audit of screening engine.

Fully complies with New York Part 504 requirements.

Proven To Be Secure

Built to high baseline security requirements, and reviewed annually via a SOC2 Type 2 audit and semi-annually via OWASP audits.

Reputation Defense

Know who you're doing business with.

Protect your reputation by not doing business with known pedophiles, sex offenders, terrorists, fraudsters, criminals, persons/entities involved in bribery and other bad actors.

SpearScan Solution

Designed to meet compliance and due diligence requirements of e-commerce, cyber-communities, payment processors and online transactions, including, banking, trading, gaming and voting.

Live transactional screening. We screen transactions as fast as our customers process them.

Tied directly to online shopping carts, banking platforms, trading platforms, gaming platforms, voting platforms, payment processing platforms, etc.

SpearScan Features

Designed to meet the unique requirements of online and high-speed transactions, including eCommerce, gaming, banking, trading, voting and social media.

  • Risk assessments to create targeted lists to meet specific risk and regulatory requirements, including internal watch lists (i.e. customers who make too many returns, counter-parties who don’t perform, etc).
  • Connect through API or FTP.
  • Work Flow Management designed for high-speed transactions.
  • Complete customization to meet customer’s demands, including the full functionality offered in other eSpear products.
  • Capable of screening any data source or list from any data provider (commercial, government/public or private.
  • Can screen multiple data sources with a single log-in.
  • Direct data feeds with central banks and regulators from around the globe, including the US Treasury Department and FINRA.
  • SWIFT Message Screening.
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly screening.
  • Highly tunable screening engine down to individual data feeds and lists.
  • Third-party audit of screening engine; individual customer tuning of the screening engine can be audited too.
  • Country risk scoring and integration available using our parameters or a customer’s customized parameters.
  • Entity or person risk scoring based on internal customer rules.
  • Work Flow Management.
  • One click integration with customer on-boarding platforms.
  • CRM integration, including Sales Force.
  • Core Banking System integration, including Finacle.
  • FinCEN Reporting.
  • Real-time updates of sanction data lists.
  • Benchmark any data set against itself with specially tuned algorithms or against another data set, including primary sources.
  • Built-in customizable reporting tool.
  • Automatic audit log.
  • Easy to search through completed and pending work.
  • Can screen people, entities, vessels, airplanes and addresses.
  • Can screen in almost any language or character set.
  • Secondary screening criteria including address, location, citizenship, and date of birth.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Complies with all sovereign data-privacy and data protection directives, including the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Available as a hosted or installed solution.
  • Stateless solution available in almost any jurisdiction.
  • Complete customization to meet each customer's requirements.
Complete Feature List

Servers Located Throughout The World

Choose the jurisdiction where you want your data located and we'll do the rest.