Who We Are

Your Partner in Compliance

We are not just your compliance solutions provider, we are your partner in compliance working with you 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year, because that’s the environment your business operates.   We know the regulations, understand the risks and are just as concerned about your reputation as you are.  Your reputation is our reputation.

Companies of all types and sizes are compliant with eSpear.

Our Vision

For our solutions to be the compliance industry’s standard by which all other solutions are measured against.

To turn our vision into a reality, we assembled a team of professionals who are the best of the best from the intelligence, security, technology, information, banking, ecommerce, legal, accounting and compliance communities. Together we are building the industry’s most precise, reliable and secure high-speed compliance solutions.

Our Story

Today’s digital world has unique requirements that the leading compliance and due diligence solution providers cannot satisfy. Their solutions are based on legacy technologies designed when dial-up connections via a phone line were used to connect to the internet, fax-machines were used to transmit documents, and carbon-paper was used to make multiple copies of receipts, purchase orders and wire transfer forms. Though their solutions may appear fresh with modern user interfaces, their core functionality, including their screening engines and processing systems, are cobbled together from a hodge podge of technologies from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Trying to use these solutions for ecommerce, online banking or gaming, high-speed trading or social media is no different than trying to use the latest smartphones on a CB radio, pager or 3G network. They won’t work as intended or as advertised.

At eSpear, we are creating compliance solutions from the ground-up using the latest technologies to design specific solutions for e-commerce, cyber-communities and online transactions, including, banking, trading, gaming and voting. While satisfying the requirements for these markets, eSpear is raising the bar on accuracy, speed, security and reliability for the traditional compliance markets. Without legacy technologies holding us back, our compliance solutions work as intended and as advertised. We are compliance for the digital age.

Our Platform

We develop compliance solutions based on commercially supported, enterprise-ready software. Our software uses the latest technology that is widely-acknowledged as the best foundation for tackling the most challenging big data problems.

Our flagship offerings are built on the latest framework, providing the massive scalability, continuous availability and enhanced data security today’s sophisticated big data applications demand. It’s faster to deploy, easier to run and less expensive to operate than traditional systems. Better still, it allows you to get more value from your data in less time because it’s the only platform that enables you to perform high-speed uploads and quick results.